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binding love spellsFirst and foremost, an attraction spell can belong to either white or black magic. Which one should you chose? I would advise using a light spell for attraction, as the effect of the black one is described in the fairy tale The Little Mermaid. In exchange for an ability to walk and breathe the air to be with her prince, the mermaid gave the sea witch her voice. As you remember, it didn’t make the girl happy. On the contrary, she fell victim to unhappy love and died turning into sea foam.
This also happens in real life, when people order a beauty spell. No, they don’t lose their voice. However, in exchange they had to give their good luck and sanity, health and prosperity. Sometimes they become incapable of having children or remain lonely despite their newly acquired beauty that is supposed to bring them love and family happiness.
White magic attraction spells works in a different manner
Ordering an attraction spell from a professional spell caster, you almost risk nothing, except losing what you’ve got, that is your beauty. It happens when you forget what makes your spell for attraction work – your light energies. They make your beauty spell flourish, make you prettier and nicer, sexier and more charismatic. Magic stops working once you start doing evil or using your enhanced beauty for revenge, or taking advantage of those who fall in love with you and trust you. After that, you will lose not only the beauty the spell gave you, but also the beauty you’ve had before using that attraction spell.
Many people think that regardless of the magic kind, a spell for attraction will influence all their subtly bodies. It won’t. One beauty spell can influence only one body, improving it dramatically. For example, it may improve your physical beauty, give you your youth back, or strengthen your energies so that all those suffering from energy or ethereal body problems will be attracted to you, like light attracts butterflies. An attraction spell can influence your sex chakra, boosting your sex appeal. Or influence your mental abilities and you’ll learn how to pay compliments, make people fall in love with you with the help of words, or develop a great sense of humor.
Also, influencing your mental bodies (mind and consciousness), a spell for attraction will allow you to identify a person in the crowd that will fall in love with you. Moreover, a single glance at this person will let you understand what to talk to him about to make a good impression, so your friendship would quickly glow into a romantic relationship.
A beauty spell can be used not only by people who want to enter into a romantic relationship, no. In fact, it can be used by anyone. Check out a list of those who need it in the first place:
– You are a WIFE (HUSBAND), UNLOVED, POOR TAKEN CARE OF. Ordering an attraction spell from me, you will become the most beautiful and fun to be around person for your spouse. Your spouse will fall in love with you over again and love you as much as when you first began dating. Your spouse will stop cheating on you and finding fault with you, but do everything possible to please you.
– You are a PERSON WHO WANTS TO BE FAMOUSE. In your case, a spell for attraction will boost not only your attractiveness, but also your charisma, that is critical for any successful musician, actor, singer, or TV host.
– Your dream is TO BE COME A SUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN. A beauty spell will be the best way for you to improve your looks, and make people like you and trust you. Looking at your picture will make people want to vote for you. In addition, your public speaking skills will allow you to make only a positive impression on your audience, while your energy will enchant them.
– You are a BUSINESSMAN LOOKING FOR A WAY TO ACHIEVE BUSINESS SUCCESS. An attraction spell will enhance the qualities you need to be a good leader and inspire your devoted and hard-working employees. Your partners will like you as well, while your competitors will stop plotting against you, as your good looks will make them want to be friends with you, but not enemies.
– You are a TRADER. Statistically, people with good looks are better sellers. It means, that by enhancing your attractiveness, you will automatically increase your business profitability.
– You are a STUDENT WHO HAS PROBLEMS AT COLLEGE. Order a spell for attraction and other students will start helping you, feeling attracted to your new improved personality. Your teachers will feel the same and become less demanding and more understanding.
– You WANT TO BUILD A CAREER. A beauty spell will make all your coworkers your friends, while your employers will consider you the most valuable employee in the company.
That’s why an attraction spell can be used by pretty much everyone who understands what role their good looks, social skills and ability to make a good impression play in their life and how they help achieve success. Also, this ritual can help those who want to look younger. Your dream will come true, if you let me help you and order my magic services.
However, if you try to prevent the spell for attraction from helping you, it will back off and disperse. And it’s not only your negative thoughts and feelings. Smoking and drinking alcohol, overeating and laziness, not getting enough sleep and drug use can destroy magic, too. It’s pretty much everything people call “unhealthy lifestyle.” So don’t expect magic to make you attractive, if you develop alcoholism or obesity. It may just reduce the negative emotions people will have with regard to your problems.
If you want to order a beauty spell from me, please don’t forget that I can cast it remotely using your photograph or some personal thing in the ritual. Besides, if you accidentally destroy the magic, I will restore it for you. However, these services are not free-of-charge, and their price is equal to that of a whole new ritual.