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Gay love spells/ same sex love spells are intended to gain love and affection of the same sex person. to attract a woman to woman or man to man. Same sex love spells works more often than other love spells because there very little competition.

Although Gay love spell can also be used to attract straight  people but i would advise you to stick using gay love spells/ same sex love spells on gay or lesbian because some times it can be difficult to cast a gay love spell or same sex love spell on straight people which can result into rejection or unstable relationship.

If a Gay love spell or same sex love spells is casted on heterosexual person, that person may get scared or start to panic thinking she/ he as some mental disorder.  so she or he may start to avoid you and all the feeling she or he have got for you. Bad enough this person might end up seeking help from a spell caster to break the same sex feeling that has already developed in him/her

That is why i am saying, if you want to use my same sex love spells or gay spells, make sure we are using these spells on the right person to save your time and money. if the spell is to give results in 3 days, if we use it on a heterosexual person, it might end up taking weeks and weeks since that person has to be influenced in minds, psychic and outlook.

Love is love is love. Whether a man loves a woman, a woman loves a woman, or a man loves a man, it really makes no difference.

  • if there is a man or woman you love of same sex and doesn’t return the same affection,

  • if you are in a same sex relationship but your partner is afraid to come out,

  • if you haven’t been successful in finding a lasting same sex relationship,

  • if your lover is cheating on you and doesn’t give you respect,

  • if you have tried relationship types and you don’t know which one to chose weather gay or straight,

  • if you want your same sex lover to commit,

  • if your lover is too commanding, aggressive and hostile towards

  • If you want your family and friends to accept and also for you to feel free

  • If there someone you are interested in but you don’t know where to start

Talk to me so that i can find out what exactly i can do for you to have that relationship you are proud of. i might need some details like photos and names and  history of your past relationship.